The greatest wealth is Health.

Tulip Health Care Centre

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In Tulip our experts are well trained & certified for Pain Management Therapy. We not only heal the pain but try to remove forever from your life.  No need to spend huge amount on Operations or medicines. We just heal it with the help of simple therapies & acupressure. Just follow the sessions as per our therapist recommendations. 

Whereas your primary care physician will monitor and work diligently to improve your overall health, they will also often send you to a focused specialist to manage a specific set of afflictions. In the case of severe pain, being referred to a pain management doctor or specialist is essential to improving your quality of life.

When surgery is not the right option for a patient, it is then imperative that the he or she learns how to manage their pain through techniques that are not invasive. Doing so will improve the patient’s day-to-day living, and it could help them avoid having to take heavy dosages of medication. Customized treatment plans are put into practice in an effort to reduce stress, decrease physical symptoms and enhance the overall quality of life.

Healing can actually be delayed due to pain caused by tissue damage that is not relieved [source: C-Health]. To this end, uncontrolled pain can result in not only aggravated trauma, but also a decrease in your immune system. This means that you are more susceptible to contracting an additional sickness, which only negatively compounds matters.

Aside from the obvious short-term problems of not properly managing pain via a professional’s guidance, the long-term effects are just as noteworthy. For example, pain due to nerve damage that is not adequately resolved will result in chronic pain long after the original affliction is cured [source: C-Health].

While some patients would rather self-medicate and ignore the pain as much as possible, rationalizing that we all have to live with these problems, the truth is that you are unnecessarily adding to the problem. Seeking the help from a pain management doctor or specialist is an essential step in properly treating the pain and enhancing your quality of life.